How much time can I save thanks to Realko24?

How much time you can save thanks to the technology of direct contact of the tenant with the landlord really depends on how large and varied the area we are looking for. If, for example, we are looking for a place where there are only a few renters, gathering current offers from them even in the standard mediation process does not have to take a long time. The situation is changing drastically when we are looking in larger cities where the number of opportunities is huge - for example, Warsaw has approx. 5.5 million sq m of office space and Berlin over 20! Imagine searching for a standard agency, we see nice offers we declare the willingness to rent eg 500m2 in a given district. Then the broker presents us with possible options, but are they 100% current? Does it have time to check all of them directly with the landlord in a short time? Of course, that does not take us often to meetings where the surface does not have to be 100% suited to our expectations, often shows us, for example, 20 buildings, we as a tenant seeker slowly start to have a confusion in mind and forget what we saw as the first lease options . In addition to the time we have lost, we have already forgotten important details about the different rental options in individual buildings - this is not the case. The loss of time with such a process is a minimum of two weeks. It looks completely different in the Realko24 system. If, for example, 100 buildings are in the area of ​​exploration, only a part of them will have at their disposal the sought-after yardage, number of parking spaces, price range and many specific requirements, which each company has, for example, a vegan restaurant in the building and fitness club. Thanks to the fact that the landlord can find out exactly what the tenant needs, he or she knows whether there is a sense to deal with such a client and devote time because why waste both parties if he can not offer him the wanted area? Only those who have matching premises will send tailor-made offers. Then it may turn out that if all the search criteria from 100 buildings are taken into account, only 3 landlords will answer with whom it is worth to negotiate. We devote time only to valuable offers that have a high chance of being finalized and thanks to the fact that each offer we get specially prepared for us may turn out that we must also spend much less time negotiating. In summary, when looking for commercial space in a large urban center, we can save thanks to Realko24 on the search and negotiation weeks or even months. I think it's worth taking a risk and making a direct inquiry with the landlord, don't You?