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Dear tenant, you will not find any ready offers here. Let us know what kind
of space your business needs and the landlords will contact you directly with
proposals created especially for you. You don’t have to look anymore – your space will find you.

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Don’t waste your time searching through offers that don’t have much in common with reality. Specify your needs and make a query, so it directly reaches many landlords. Only those who can offer precisely what you need will contact you.

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your space?

Find your clients easier and quicker. Don’t waste your time on futile meetings. Specify what queries you want to see and wait for confident tenants who look for space just like yours.


The lowest commission: only 1% of the contract for every landlord.

Find tenants even more quickly and effectively. Promote your space on social media directly from Realko24.

How it works?

Realko24 is an innovative platform connecting matching landlords and tenants. We are changing the rules of the game on the commercial real estate market, maximally simplifying renting space and reducing costs of the renting process. We work with the biggest players on the market at the same time offering attractive conditions for the smallest.

The pros of Realko24

Saving time

No more futile meetings! Tenants gain the fastest way of reaching the desired space, and landlords decide whether to offer a given property, investing their time only to productive activities.

Saving money – 1%
– the lowest commission on the market

We’re lowering the commission – only 1% of the contract for every landlord. Tenants don’t pay any costs and additionally can get better rental conditions by saving even on several months of rent. Win-win!

Direct contact

We create a space for direct communication between landlords and tenants from the very beginning until the signing of a contract. Effect? Transparent process of renting commercial spaces – no misunderstandings and full awareness of the expectations of both sides.


Realko24 connects only matching tenants and landlords


of the contract for landlords,
tenants use the platform for free


each landlord pays the same commission

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